you can take the location as EDISON, NEW JERSEY and JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY

Write a 3-5 page paper describing the Physical Security of 2 Locations in the city or area where you live and submit the completed paper during the residency weekend. This is NOT an APA paper so References and Citations are not required.

Find 2 Physical Locations within your community (Hospital, Businesses, Warehouses, Storage Units, your local bank, etc.) and do a quick “visual” walk-thru of the facility.

As an example, if you chose a hospital, walk-thru the public areas and make some mental notes. Use caution – do NOT enter restricted areas and take care that you do not appear to be a threat.

What physical security elements did you see? What physical security elements did you not see? What physical security elements do you think exist even if you didn’t see them? What are the critical assets they protect. What level of physical security would be needed to effectively protect those assets?

In some cases, you might consider talking with the facility management to let them know you are completing an assignment dealing with Physical Security and see if the manager would be willing to talk with you about their physical security. Speaking with management is NOT a requirement.

The goal of this assignment is to think about what you did and did not see and consider whether the facility measures up to “what you think the textbook” considers is needed to effectively support its Physical Security needs.


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