Written Marketing Plan Presentation

PowerPoint improvement needed and written part needs to be included.. .

A few tips: Less is more in a presentation. Think of it this way, this is what your audience is watching while you are presenting all of the details. You would rather have the audience attention on you or reading the slideshow? Does that make sense? Take a look at the PPT Examples folder in this week’s classroom. I recommend you review the Basic PowerPoint Guidelines so that you keep it simple.

One requirement is adding your picture within a slide. You might notice that I normally add a head shot at the end on a Thank You or Questions slide. A goal is to create a memory for those in the audience who might not know your, for future reference and potential questions.

If you do use a Reference slide, be certain that the work is cited somewhere in the presentation (or Notes area) and be certain to use correct APA Style for the resources.

I look forward to your completed PPT and Marketing

Final Project: The Marketing Plan & Presentation

Your written marketing plan and video/PowerPoint will cover/review the following sections:

1.Executive Summary

2.Company Overview

3.Objectives or Goals

4.Porter’s Generic Strategy

5.Marketing Strategy

6.Target Market and Positioning

7.Promotional Strategy

8.Contingency Plan

This assignment will help you understand the role of a marketing manager. It can be used toward your professional advancement while helping you understand how an organization evaluates a marketing plan to achieve competitive advantage. Therefore, you should ask yourself the following questions: Is the strategy applicable or feasible to the firm? Can this enhance the organization? Can this be used to introduce new strategies for an organization? These are simple questions, but are essential toward your professional advancement. Oftentimes, presentations on work-related issues can result in frameworks or opportunities for discussion with fellow professionals. However, this critique can truly change the dynamics of your career and help network with marketing professionals.


  1. While this is an individual assignment, do incorporate any appropriate data and suggestions from Week 9’s discussion critique.
  2. Video presentations are generally 5-8 minutes in length.
  3. Presentations can be a PowerPoint (with student visually in the presentation) or an edited short video with evidence of student in the content.
  4. Video presentations should be saved on YouTube that provides professor with link to video
  5. Since this is the final assignment no late work will be accepted.
  6. See rubric for grading points and criteria.

Please remember to use The Meal Plan Approach for Writing, Tips for Writing an Essay, APA 6th ed. or OWL for APA Style formatting, and Mini-Research Paper Grading Rubric. All are available in various resources folders in the Moodle classroom.


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