Why is there constant bias and discrimination against muslim people (islamophobia) in the United States, and how can we alleviate it?

This paper needs to be 4-5 pages long. I do need to include 3-4 quotes from the textbook in addition to 4 other sources from academic sources, which I will provide to you later via email, or whatever medium works best for you. I need to speak on two concepts, ethnocentrism and anglocentrism.Also I need to speak on two imperatives and how they fit into the topic: demographic imperative and the self awareness imperative. The essay has to be written complying to this essay type:

Social Problem Case Study Analysis. You will select a specific social problem from “real life” and apply several course concepts through which you will analyze and explain that problem. Research for this option should contextualize the historical and political background of the social problem as well as increase your knowledge about the chosen course concepts. Further, you will also use the course concepts to make recommendations (based on course readings) about what type of communication intervention you would design to alleviate, resolve, or nuance our understandings of this social problem. Questions to consider: What is the social problem? Identify the cultural group or speech community that is affected by this social problem. How does power and context play a role in this social problem? This is a research assignment and thus you will need 4 academic sources to supplement our course readings. Said plainly, you will need 4 academic sources in addition to our readings and textbook.

(I will provide the textbook sources).


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