What type or manifestation of design do you dislike and how would you propose to change improve on or displace it?

The paper should demonstrate aspects in the practice of design that position your own work in terms of value: for instance as ethical, social, commercial, etc.

Please talk about plagiarism in fashion industry as a manifestation that you dislike, using ‘ZARA’ copying ‘Chanel’ as an example (how more and more ‘ZARA’ clothing look extremely similar to ‘Chanel’ clothing). Then Please suggest how you would improve or change on this situation.

My opinion: design is transforming designer’s conceptual ideas into physical products using methods such as brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, and etc. Thus, products made by designers should be personal and exclusive. Plagiarism of design is unethical.

The position paper should be 4 pages in length (plus footnotes, captions and a brief list of sources/bibliography if you’re including these). Please use 12pt font size (choose a legible font, please) and double-spaced lines.


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