What is the male gaze?

1. What is enlightened sexism as it appears in pop culture, according to Douglas? Find a new example.2. What is the male gaze? How does the oppositional gaze work in response? What art or media have you seen that demonstrates either of these?3. How does the difference between crafts and art discriminate against female creators?4. What is post-feminism (in the Happel and Esposito essay), and how does it manifest itself in pop culture? Provide a new example.5. Where do you stand on the Beyonce as a feminist icon debate? As the last line in the essay asks, is Jay-Z’s last name hyphenated with Knowles evidence of a feminist relationship? AND — what does it say about our culture that white American embraced her — Until her ”Formation” video?  6. What does it mean to say that pop culture texts are ”constitutive?” See page 289.7. ”If Women Ran Hip Hop” makes bold claims; evaluate them. Why isn’t Niki Minaj more like this poem suggests?8. Why don’t we read Shakespeare’s sister?9. Female Comics have come a long way. What are 2 suprising facts that you discovered in this essay about the history of female comics?  11. What key concepts from this week do you see illustrated in this article about TV’s new feminist characters? Do you agree that they depict feminist ideas?

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