What is the current definition of genocide?

Assignment Reflection History of Genocide Concept and The Third Punic War – Carthage The Roman Holocaust
The Genocide Concept
Week one – Reflective Journal
What is the current definition of genocide?
When do you believe that genocide began?
Can you give and incident, aside from the holocaust, when you believe genocide occurred?
What do you believe are the motivations behind genocide?
The Third Punic Wars – Carthage the Roman Holocaust

The video can be found here: Carthage – The Roman Holocaust
After watching this video, you will fill out your reflective journal.
Week 2 Reflective Journal
This week’s reflective question is:
“What did you find most interesting about the Third Punic War based upon the video? Was this an event you were familiar with before this course? If you haven’t heard of it, why do you believe this is? What do you believe was the reasoning behind Rome completely demolishing Carthage and its people?
Now you’ve looked at the Third Punic War, do you believe that this event fits in with your current definition of genocide? Why or why not? Is there anything that you would like to change/add about your definition after this week’s materials?”
Personal Journal Reflection Rubric
Your journal reflection is due at 12 January in one compiled Word Document. It must show evidence of thoughtful reflection and consideration of each question. I also need to see that you have used course materials and/or outside research to back up your entries. At the end of each entry, please provide me with a reference/s.
Nitty Gritty:
Label each new entry with the week.
I need to see in-text citations and references for each entry.
There is no specified length for each entry. You write until you have fully answered each question.

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