Western Art Work History Response Discussion

please respond with 200 words


I decided to choose the bouquet of roses that are on my desk as an artwork. Flowers themselves are extraordinarily beautiful as they have always fascinated me in how something so small and simple can bloom into something so beautifully complex and diverse. The bouquet of roses are a deep red color with baby’s breath surrounding them. This object can be under two categories, the first is art for delight. I think this can fall under art for delight because roses are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Its amazing to see and witness something as stunning as a rose that we sometimes look past because we are used to seeing it. It makes you see the rose and see past it, it makes you understand the time and effort it took to create it; it then allows you to see other natural pieces of art work the world has to offer such as the trees and waterfalls. The other category my roses fall under are the art for commemoration. In this case my roses are surrounded by nothing but pure happiness and love as I will always look at them and think back to the day my boyfriend gave them to me. Those roses will always hold a place in my heart as they remind me why he gave them to me; In my eyes the roses symbolize pure and wholesome love for one another, something as beautiful as roses (love) should always be cherished.


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