Was Michele legally compliant with FMLA? Explain and support with law.

As the Human Resource Consultant, Michele is looking to you to creatively solve a complicated problem with employment and labor law by determining the best method(s) based on her situation. She is familiar with employment and labor laws but is unsure if she is legally compliant. After all, there are so many laws to consider. She has a few questions about being compliant:

As a small business, is she required to offer FMLA? She previously had an employee request FMLA but Michele denied it citing the business was a small business. What’s the impact?

In the warehouse, her employees don’t like to wear the company-issued back belts and safety glasses. Michele thinks this is okay since it’s the employees who are refusing to wear the items.

Michele needs help with other legal requirements – is she legally required to offer health insurance (and how much), can her employees work more than 60 hours per week (paid), and does she have to offer accommodations for employees with disabilities?

For this project assignment, you will need to conduct research.

Visit the school library online Library and search for a minimum of four articles covering the topics of FMLA and workplace safety. Conduct academic research using the library’s databases, like:


ASP: Human Resource Management Online

Business Source Complete via EBSCO

Business via ProQuest

In the databases use basic search languages (controlled vocabulary/keywords) to determine employment and labor laws specific to this situation. Then, refine your searches based on your search results. Make sure to include a minimum of 4 credible, academic sources in your paper.

Also, conduct your research using credible websites; for example, you will likely want to use the OSHA website and government websites related to FMLA (government websites will end in .gov).

Using your research, address the following points in your paper.

Was Michele legally compliant with FMLA? Explain and support with law. How can Michele make decisions that are objective and reflect the ethical treatment of others? Demonstrate how Michele can comply with laws and rules governing FMLA to employees in an ethical and professional manner.

Using Michele’s situation as an example, who’s at risk for legal compliance when workplace safety is not mandated or monitored? What are the ethical and professional implications?

Evaluate the impact of laws on the core beliefs or personal ethics from a perspective of the employees. What is the potential impact of ethical issues on the stakeholders of the company?

Your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages in length. Include an APA formatted title page and reference page.

Remember to integrate citations accurately and appropriately for all resource types; use attribution (credit) as a method to avoid plagiarism. Consider using NoodleTools to document your sources and to complete your APA formatted reference page and in-text citations.

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