Visual Summary of Campaign

Visual Summary of Campaign (PowerPoint Presentation)

In lieu of a live presentation to the Board of Directors, your team will provide a PowerPoint presentation (20 slides maximum) summarizing your campaign. This will be the basis of your in-class presentation. Use the information below as a checklist for this portion of the assignment:

1.  Presents the problem facing Fossil. Describes the problem. Introduces the Big Idea.  *Assignment 1 and 3

2.  Presents findings from research to more clearly establish a plan of action. *Assignment 2 

3.  Describes the strategy and all its components. Tells a comprehensive, but relatively simple story about your plan to help Fossil expand its smartwatches with a budget of $5 million. *Assignment 3

4.  Creative Strategy and Media Plan – what will you say and where will you say it? Provide creative samples to make your plan come to life.  *Assignment 3

5.  A focus on the outcomes: *Assignment 4

a.  Think back to the Bing/Jay Z campaign that you watched and the outcomes of that campaign. Highlight things such as: social media likes, increase in number of followers, customer registrations, coupon redemptions, $ per transactions, number of transactions, average lifetime customer value, margins, sales, etc. The possibilities are endless. Impress us!

b.  Don’t settle for just an increase in sales – think bigger!

6.  Brand your team. Leave a lasting impression and a compelling reason to take your plan under careful consideration towards implementation. Sell it!


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