Consumer Report
April 21, 2018
Nike chose to implement i2’s demand forecasting and supply chain management software ($40 million) along with CRM and ERP from SAP ($360 million).The demand planning system and supply chain management software was implemented first. The problems began with the factory orders, and then the glitch moved through the product delivery system.
April 21, 2018

Visual Summary of Campaign (PowerPoint Presentation)

In lieu of a live presentation to the Board of Directors, your team will provide a PowerPoint presentation (20 slides maximum) summarizing your campaign. This will be the basis of your in-class presentation. Use the information below as a checklist for this portion of the assignment:

1.  Presents the problem facing Fossil. Describes the problem. Introduces the Big Idea.  *Assignment 1 and 3

2.  Presents findings from research to more clearly establish a plan of action. *Assignment 2 

3.  Describes the strategy and all its components. Tells a comprehensive, but relatively simple story about your plan to help Fossil expand its smartwatches with a budget of $5 million. *Assignment 3

4.  Creative Strategy and Media Plan – what will you say and where will you say it? Provide creative samples to make your plan come to life.  *Assignment 3

5.  A focus on the outcomes: *Assignment 4

a.  Think back to the Bing/Jay Z campaign that you watched and the outcomes of that campaign. Highlight things such as: social media likes, increase in number of followers, customer registrations, coupon redemptions, $ per transactions, number of transactions, average lifetime customer value, margins, sales, etc. The possibilities are endless. Impress us!

b.  Don’t settle for just an increase in sales – think bigger!

6.  Brand your team. Leave a lasting impression and a compelling reason to take your plan under careful consideration towards implementation. Sell it!


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