Violence on television Persuasive Speech Outline

Topic- Violence on Television ( how does it effect everyone)

Organization pattern- cause and effect

You are required to create a persuasive speech delivery outline for your final speech. This speech is an assessment of the skills and abilities that you acquired from the Understanding Human Communication textbook (chapters 11—12 and 14) and the lectures. You are required to create an outline by desired outcome of either convincing or actuating. You are also required to research your speech and locate at least four sources and two of the sources must be different from the CCBC Library to integrate into your speech. You cannot use Wikipedia, or E-how. If you decide to use sources from the Internet, remember to evaluate your sources.

Include your name and the organization pattern that you will use at the top of your outline

. Format: You must have four sections of your outline (Introduction, Body, Conclusion and Bibliography) and each section must have the appropriate heading. This outline must be in full sentence format. The Introduction and Conclusion must have capital letters next to each of the elements in the section. Each element must be on a separate line. The main points in the body of the outline must have Roman numerals and the supporting details must have uppercase letters. The supporting details and sub-supporting details must be Arabic numbers and lowercase letters. You can review the sample outlines in the Learning Module Two – Public Speaking Tools folder. Just remember that you have to adjust your outline to this assignment.

Organization Pattern: Select one of the following organization patterns to structure your speech: cause—effect, problem-solution or Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

Nonverbal behavior: Indicate nonverbal signals throughout your outline. Introduction: You must have the following elements in the introduction.

First, attention getter/grabber, second: credibility, third: thesis and last: proposition. Each element must be separate and have an uppercase letter next to it.

Body: You can only use one organization pattern to organize your main points. You must have between two to three main points that are subdivided. Each main point should have at minimum two supporting points and at maximum five supporting points. You must consistently separate all points (main, supporting, sub-supporting, etc.) by using the appropriate Roman numerals, Arabic numbers, uppercase letters and lowercase letters. All supporting points and sub-supporting points must be indented appropriately. All transitions, internal summaries or reviews and signpost must be in either brackets or parenthesis. (If you use material or information from another source, please do not forget to cite your source.)

Conclusion: You must have the following elements in your conclusion. First, restate the proposition, then write the appeal, challenge and/or action and last include thank you. Again, all elements must be separate and have an uppercase letter next to it.

Bibliography Brenner, Joel. The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars. New York, NY: Broadway Books. 2000. Print. Citation: You must use MLA 8 citation style for the bibliography. However, you should integrate your citations within the other sections of your outline. Remember, if you cite a source within the introduction, body or conclusion it must appear on your bibliography page. If you have sources on your bibliography page, then they must appear in either the introduction, body or conclusion


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