Video Discussions about Homeless Babies, cyberbullying, human trafficking

I will attach couple of links followed by their discussion question. you can choose any three of them to watch and respond to it. each question must be answered thoroughly and out of the box.


  • DISCUSSION: Bandura used small children in his experiment. What do you think would happen if he included older children or young adults in the experiment? Would they also imitate the behavior of the adult? If yes, why? If not, why not?


  • DISCUSSION: Discuss the relationship between mental illness and crime. According to the video, what is the main problem with regard to mental illness, and what should be done about this problem?


  • DISCUSSION: Discuss the lives of the children who stay in the shelter.


  • DISCUSSION: Have you experienced cyberbullying in school? What do you think is the most appropriate punishment for the girls arrested for this crime?


  • DISCUSSION: Discuss the extent and consequences of human trafficking for the victims. Discuss why victims may not go to police. What can be done to help victims?


  • DISCUSSION: Assume that there is a relationship between testosterone and crime. Also assume that young males have high amounts of testosterone. Should they be monitored closely? What may be the positive and negative consequences of closer monitoring?

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