US Latino Community Research Paper Project

In Research Project B, due Friday of Week 9, you will research Latino activism in the area of your interest and write a 7-10 page report. By Latino activism we mean organized efforts led by Latino/a groups to advocate for rights, improvement in quality of life, or access to resources, knowledge or information. A key characteristic of these efforts is that they must be owned and led by Latinos/as, rather than by groups that are external to that community. Examples include local grassroots community initiatives/centers or regional/national advocacy groups. These initiatives may be focused on the Latino community as a whole or may be oriented towards specific areas of interest such as education or health.

Required Components

In your report, identify and profile three (3) cases. Each case is an individual initiative (e.g., the organization ‘Pineros y campesinos unidos del noroeste (PCUN)’). Try to select cases for which there is rich information, such as a good website and reports that have been written on the initiative’s history or activities.

The report will have the following structure:

  1. Introduction. Introduce the content of the report and justify the selection of the initiatives.
  2. The initiatives. Describe and discuss each initiative addressing the following:
    • The initiative. Identify the initiative, including:
      • Name
      • Website
      • Location
      • Mission (what does the initiative attempt to accomplish?)
      • Geographic and population scope (the geographic area and the population it serves)
      • Organizational structure
    • Activities
      • In what activities has the initiative been involved? List and briefly describe the programs.
      • What has the initiative accomplished? (Find reports that might have been published.)
  3. Discussion. Discuss the relevance of the initiatives from the point of view of what you perceive as needs and assets of Latinos/as locally, regionally or nationally. Reflect in this discussion what you have learned in this and other classes as well as your own points of view based on your own experience.
  4. Conclusion. Close the report with a paragraph or two with concluding remarks. Identify the commonalities and differences between the initiatives.

The report should be between 7 and 10 pages long and must include in-text citations and a complete and appropriately formatted list of references on a separate page. The reference page(s) do not count towards the 7-10 page length requirement. You can use any citation and reference style, just make sure your citations and references are complete and properly formatted, and that you make consistent use of your chosen style throughout the paper.


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