UMUC Historical Event in Indias Past

1. Conduct some research in reliable, scholarly resources from the UMUC library and the Learning Resources to identify an historical event or cultural circumstances in India’s past that is associated with a Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain myth.

2. Identify the date of the event or circumstances and the specific Indian myth(s) associated with it.

3. Correlate several aspects of the myth with the historical event or cultural circumstances. Aspects of the myth can include specific events (e.g., a war, a conversation with a holy person), important cultural objects (e.g., a chariot, particular clothing), a character, a relationship, and so forth. Explain your choices.

METHOD: First, name the historical event or cultural circumstances that you are analyzing, give an approximate date or range of dates, and identify the religious tradition of the myth you are using. Then tell portions of the myth that pertain to your chosen topic, and explain your reasoning.

As always, cite your sources using MLA format in a Works Cited list at the end of your post. Post must be at least 250 words.…


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