Types Of Policing Community-oriented & Problem Solving Discussion

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Student paper down below:

When giving a presentation of this magnitude to the city council and the city manager, I would definitely use PowerPoint to assist me. This would be in conjunction with a handout of the major points so my audience could follow along with me as I cover the transition from the traditional type of policing to community-oriented policing & problem solving (COPPS). With this handout, they would also have a copy of the presentation that they can keep for future reference. Using electronic and visual aids can help to show the audience why this transition is the best way to move forward for the department. It also helps to interact with the audience more effectively and keep their interest if done properly.

Research in the areas of community-oriented policing, the demographics of the area to be policed, as well as successes and failures from agencies that have transitioned in the past. This would help to establish a successful plan of operation for the new type of policing and contingencies for the potential setbacks. It would also be beneficial to compare the current policing style with a department of similar size that has switched to COPPS. This would be able to show the impact it could potentially have on the community once successfully established.

As part of the preparation for this presentation to the city council, and the city manager, I would meet with the people that have gone through this type of transition before, as well as those it will impact. Getting the details of how another agency transitioned would help to ensure the smoothest process possible and provide insight on what to be careful of. Other that would be met with would be the officers that will be on the front, making the change. Their questions and concerns will also help to create the best plan for the transition. Meeting with the leaders in the community is also important because the change will also impact them, and their neighborhoods, directly.

This transition is going to have a major impact on the community and the department so it is important to have a representative from many areas. The presence of a leader or two from the community, the officers that will be on the front, a supervisor of who oversees those officers, and a representative from another agency that has changed to COPPS would all have different views of the change. With them at the presentation it could help facilitate the answering of questions and the easing of concerns.


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