TOWS, Strategic Approaches and Value Strategy,

For the 4 following separate items the requirements are attached as a link. Acceptable formats include: Word, Excel, PPT, & Prezi (or other Microsoft compatible programs).

1) Value Strategy

Objective: To identify the value of an organization’s strategy by determining the strength of its business model.

2) How to Develop a Competitive Advantage video link:

This video shows how competitive advantage should be woven into the corporate strategy.

3) A short two paragraphs: For this Journal Entry: In your own words, how does TOWS differ from SWOT? Support your thoughts by providing at least 4 specific differences and explanations of each.

4) Personal TOWS Analysis – see attachment 2.1 and if needed attached reading material

Develop a TOWS Matrix based on your own personal situation (this will be used in an assignment in Week 3)

“How to conduct a personal SWOT analysis,”Quast, L. Forbes, 4/15/2013:…


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