Topic 4 DQ 6

Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

Mucomycosis is a rare fungal infection and can cause cause serious damage. It is known as zycomycosis and happends to people have have low immune system. The fungus is caused by expousure to mucomyete molds which occur in leaves,piles of dust, soil, and rotiing wood. According to healthline (2019), You can contact mucormycosis by breathing in affected mold spores in the air. The infection can develop in the eyes, face, lungs, sinuses, and central nervous system. The skin is able to get contacted via skin breakdown. Mucormycosis is dangerous because it spreads through the body. If no treatment is done, it can lead tot he lungs and cause pneumonia.

Medical/nursing interventions : Monitor vital signs and oxygen as needed and administer anti-fungal medications as ordered.

Abnormal labs

WBCs:15,200 sign of infection caused by mucormycosys

Glucose: 138mg/dl pre-diabetes

Lymphocytes: 10% immunocomprimised

ph: 7.50 pt has alkalosis

Pac02= 25mm alkalosis

HC03= 29meq/l alkalosis

PaO2=59mm low oxygen. airway is compromise by increase secretion.

Mucormycosis is treated with IV anti fungal such as amphotericin B given IV, posaconazole IV or oral, and Isavuconazole IV or PO. Surgical debridement treatment is done to remove the infected tissues and stop the infection from spreading to the body.


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