The Development Of Brain Architecture Through The Life Span

  • Please read carefully the “final Exams Guide doc” attached below
  • I have attached the week six readings guide and the materials to be use for this writing
  • Please answer the questions as label and do not use any other sources or materials except the one provided.
  • Please contact me for any clarification.


Final Examination


This exam consists of seven questions. The whole exam is worth 25 points, or 25% of your final grade in the course. Point values are shown for each question.

Please use only the readings assigned in our course and not material from the web or any other sources Why? I need to know whether you have read and understood the materials in the course. If you turn on your computer and search the web for answers you will receive a much lower grade.Please read the required readings; they are a far richer source of information. Thanks!

How will I grade this exam? I will use the Rubric for grading your essays (Course Resources>Rubric) and I will also grade you on how well you understood and brought in information from class-assigned readings. Sadly, if you cut and paste information from the web or textbooks, rather than using your own voice and our classroom assigned readings, you will lose many points.



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