Term Project Paper Marriott Business Plan

The capstone project is a true research project and as such you are the content expert.. that said the following elements must be included

I choose hotel industry, and choose the Marriott International as the company.

1. Introduction .Perhaps say in a paragraph or two why you choose this industry/company.

2 Description of the industry- Major players

3 General Environment

4 Porters Five forces model- Industry Analysis

5. Company Backround

6 SWOT analysis

7 Business Level strategy . Resources & Capabilities

8 Core Competencies

9 Value chain

10 International Strategy

11 Financial Analysis…. Compare with peer group and other competitors note key financial trends

12 Corporate Governance- Board power, Executive leaders

13 Conclusions , Recommendations

14 Cover anything else that you feel is important to your firm/ Industry

20 pages. We require full APA format an Executive summery , Table of contents etc


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