Ted Talks and answers

Please watch the ted talk video attached below and answer the following questions.

  1. What is the speaker’s main argument? Or what is her thesis?
  2. Name at least 3 specific examples/pieces of evidence she uses to support her argument?
  3. What was the biggest takeaway that you had from this video? What interested you the most?
  4. What kind of stories is Rowling telling her audience in the speech?
  5. How does Rowling organize her speech? In connection with Question 4, when do those stories show up in her speech? When does she tell those stories? Is there any pattern you can discern or figure out from where she places those stories (specific evidence)?
  6. What is Rowling’s purpose? What does she want from his audience?
  7. What is Rowling’s tone? Is her tone successful in connecting with her audience?



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