Social Media Content and Strategy Analysis about Supreme

Social Media Content and Strategy Analysis about Supreme

Please analyze Supreme

Areas for Analysis

A good analysis will address the areas below. These areas may overlap or be organized differently in each project; you should organize your report and its sections based on what you think is going to be most effective. You also need to provide appropriate evidence for your claims; in other words, include screenshots of the content and strategies you’re analyzing to show examples of them.

1. Context

  • Describe the organization’s/individual’s context: What is happening around and inside the organization/individual that affect their content and content strategy? This could include things like money, staff, other resources or relationships, etc. (this might get speculative, but try to back up your claims with appropriate evidence)

2. Mechanics

  • Frequency: How often is content created?
    • For social media, do an analysis of at least a month’s worth of posts: how often is content posted across platforms?
      What is the significance of this?
  • Timing (if applicable): When is content created?
  • What are all the elements included in content? For instance, an instagram influencer, might create a story, but a story can be broken down into video/images/text/links/gifs. etc. Analyze these kinds of choices. Why are they making them?
  • Why? Speculate on the choices being made in terms of mechanics. What do you think they’re trying to accomplish by making the choices they did?

3. Campaigns

  • Into what different content campaigns or content types can you categorize the organization/individual’s content?
  • What hashtags/metadata are attached to different campaigns?
  • How are the various campaigns connected (or not) to overall goals/ideas of success?
  • Where is the content from these campaigns coming from? Is it generated by the organization or is it reposted?
  • What do these campaigns accomplish?

4. Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Conclude with strengths and weaknesses: From what you can see, what is this organization/individual doing right? What areas are there for improvement?

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