Small Group Discussion: Milestone One Prep

Select three public, nonprofit, or governmental organizations and research their strategic management practices to make recommendations regarding effective strategies and best practices in strategic management. Refer to the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric for a complete list of organizations from which to choose. Your recommendations should be targeted toward the leadership and management of any public sector or nonprofit organization; you do not need to focus specifically on making recommendations for the three organizations you selected. Rather, they will be your basis for making recommendations for public and nonprofit organizations in general.

This discussion topic is a place for questions as you begin to work on Milestone One. Share your selected companies and research about their strategic management practices. What experience do you have in the field that relates to effective strategies and best practices in strategic management?

In your responses to classmates, respectfully evaluate their choices. What experience can you share that will help them with their milestone assignment?

To complete this assignment, review the Group Discussion Guidelines and Rubric document.


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