Responses to Class discussions Scholar there are six student class threads that need to be answser by scholar according to the class thread that we are talking about. everything that is highlighted in black is what the student wrote. Please make sure to write ½ paragraph of 200 words per student thread using your own words and if you have to reference something please use citations but minimize on the references since it’s more of our knowledge that is require for the class. Also, scholar if you rather use a separate sheet that’s fine just make sure to state the name and number of student in your response so I know what to cut and paste to my portal.
April 21, 2018
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April 21, 2018

Share Value Maximization

What is the meaning of share value maximization? If a firm attempts to maximize its fundamental stock price, is this good or bad for society? Explain.

needs to be 400 words long .


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