RSCH8310 Walden University Assignment 1 Mental health issues paper

Major Assignment 1 (MA1) is a major paper. That means it begins with a cover page and ends with a reference list. The paper has four distinct sections. That means each section will be a distinct heading. Each of the required sections is worth a specific number of points (see below). I use the grading rubric for awarding points. You will have opportunity in Weeks 6 and 7 to do practice revisions if you do not earn full points in Week 4. You will resubmit the final revision in Week 8 to recoup points lost in Week 4.

Your paper must be organized as follows using these headings:


  1. The Problem Statement is a total of only 1 to 3 short paragraphs. I will accept 3 paragraphs, but no more. The Problem Statement is a review of three current research studies (current is 2013-2019) on your topic. For each of the three studies you will report for this section state the purpose of the study (what the researcher stated was the purpose of his/her study), the findings from the analysis of data, and what the researcher explicitly states needs further study. Keep this information together for each study. That is the only information that is needed.
  2. One of the three studies must be a qualitative study.
  3. Your other two studies can be any mix of the following:
  1. Qualitative study
  2. Quantitative study
  3. MM study
  4. Meta analysis (look for a meta analysis of current studies)
  5. Literature review (this is a complete review, not the beginning review in a study because you need to understand each study reviewed)
  6. Theory study
  1. You have to report specific information for each study so be careful in the studies you choose. Each study has to tell you: purpose of the study, findings from the study, and what the researcher states needs further study.
  2. The studies must come from a current peer-reviewed journal or a dissertation.
  3. Use proper APA in-text citations.

The Problem Statement is worth 60 points.


1.The Purpose Statement must come from what the researcher in the qualitative study you included in the Problem Statement stated needs further study. It is not your opinion of what to study. It comes from the qual study in your Problem Statement. We are building on prior research on your topic of interest.

2.The Purpose Statement is one of the gaps (explicitly stated need for further study) identified in the qualitative study in the Problem Statement.

3.State this as your first sentence: The purpose of this study is to … (citation). You repeat what the researcher said needs further study as the purpose of your study.

4.The Purpose Statement needs to include the in-text citation where the gap was identified. You do not include what the other researchers stated needs further study. This is only from the qual study you reviewed and what the researcher said needs further study.

5.Use what the grading rubric also states is needed in this section. This is important.


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