Rivier ACME Machines Proposal Evaluation in Project Management

Step – 1: Read the attached Request For Proposal (RFP) that were submitted to three companies.

Step – 2: After you have read and identified the requirements within the RFP, read the three proposals from ACME Machine Services, Crispen, Inc., and Franklin Mfg.

Step – 3: Evaluate each proposal and complete the attached Source Selection Criterial Comparison Table for the proposals. The evaluation includes assigning grades to each Subfactor of the Source Selection Criteria Comparison Table, and the selection of the company that offers the best value in manufacturing the WIDGET PRO.

Step – 4: Provide the reasons for each criteria why you selected the company you did, even if you selected the ACME Machine Services company, which you already know was selected to execute the contract.


  • (0 – 50) Red – Non-Compliant
  • (51 – 75) Yellow – Some deficiencies in proposal
  • (76 – 100) Green – Compliant proposal

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