Response to discussion post minimum 100 words

You just basically responding to the student and what you felt compelling and enlightening

Student paper down below:

Week 1- we learned about authoritative, democratic, consultative management theories and shared leadership.

Week 2- police organization and the importance of why officer’s must wear their bullet proof vests.

Week 3- proactive police agencies and mental health resources for first responders.

Week 4- COPPS presentation to the city manager and city council and the individual project Clermont policing, problem solving and crime prevention.

Week five- recap and revision of week 4 individual project.

It was difficult for me to choose a favorite subject for this class because I liked the discussion board from week 2 and I equally liked week 3 mental health resources for first responders. I feel all officers should wear their bullet proof vest after-all they never know what is going to happen. An officer can’t predict how a suspect is going to react, if they are on drugs, or if they are armed and dangerous. I firmly believe having resources available for all first responders is critical, after-all if they can’t take care of their needs how do you expect them to be able to rescue anyone else?

Participating in the class discussion boards has always been beneficial to me, it allows me to get feedback as well as give feedback. Participating in the class discussion boards allowed to fully understand what the discussion boards was about and allowed me to see it from another perspective. Participating in the class discussions also has allowed me to better get to know my fellow classmates of whom I have had several classes with throughout the years starting from my bachelor’s degree.

I believe the class was presented exactly the way it should have been, Professor Normann did a great job in his presentations and I would not change a thing. I do not believe Professor Normann could have given any additional information that could have helped. His presentations were clear and concise. Thank you for helping me with the discussion board by asking me to beyond what I posted. It allowed me to expand my thinking and help me to understand the assignment better. I would like to wish all my fellow students the best in all your future studies and anything you wish to accomplish. I won’t wish you good luck because I do not believe in good luck. I believe you can do anything you want if you work hard at accomplishing your dreams.


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