Research Essay Obesity in America

Format/Page Requirement:

1” margins, proper MLA heading, Times New Roman, 12 point font and double spaced. Follow MLA guidelines for all citations and Works Cited.

Your research will lead you to the development of an argument. Your goal will not only be to provide evidence to support your position, but to skillfully navigate the reader through your points with mature explanation/commentary and address the arguments of critics.

Source Requirements:

You must utilize at least SIX of your own researched sources in your paper. Keep in mind the quality of your sources will part of the evaluation process. Class sources are encouraged (you can use as many as you like, but they are not required. FYI: My class sources do not count as “your own researched sources”).

Sources should meet the following criteria:

a. The author’s credentials indicate that he/she is an expert on this topic. The author gives contact information or professional affiliation.

b. Published by: the government, scholarly journal or in a reference or academic book.

c. The work is original research/information by a reputable source. There is a “Works Cited” list and/or a Bibliography.

d. The purpose of the source is to promote scholarly research.

e. The date of the source should indicate relevant and current information.

f. The depth of coverage meets the needs of your purpose and written at a college or professional level.



You will be evaluated on the following:

  • Well-structured thesis statement (identifies an argument)
  • Focused claims/sub-claims
  • Purposeful evidence (specific examples/data/expert testimony that illustrate and support your point.
  • Source evaluation- provide credible and valuable data from scholarly sources.
  • Evaluation: Writer EXPLAINS how or why the evidence support the argument or sub-claim (aka strong analysis/commentary) effectively to guide the reader’s understanding. The “So what?”, “Who cares?” and “Why does it matter” questions are addressed. Please review the provided rubric.
  • Use of Academic Templates
  • Use of appropriate academic tone
  • Paper/paragraph/sentence structure and grammar.
  • Use of in-text parenthetical citations/attributive tags
  • Use of counterargument/rebuttal
  • Use of MLA formatting/Works Cited


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