Reflective Journal: Positive Corrections Essay


Read all the assigned readings on this learning module’s agenda. Then respond to the writing prompts and questions below.

Answer each question/prompt thoroughly and completely. Remember this exercise is meant for you to be able to reflect upon what you have read and learned. There are not right or wrong answers here, but responses should show comprehension and interpretation of the material.

Please do not upload a document to submit this assignment. Rather, you may type it in Microsoft Word and then copy & paste into the journal assignment for submission and grading.

  1. Why do volunteer managers often feel they cannot discipline or dismiss their volunteers who do not perform well?
  2. What are some strategies volunteer managers can use to correct volunteer behavior in a positive way (before resorting to firing them)?
  3. What are some instances in which volunteers might be “fired”?
  4. How should a volunteer manager handle disciplining a volunteer?
  5. In your own volunteer experiences, how has volunteer performance been managed? Do you think it was done well? What would you have done differently?
  6. How would you translate these principles of volunteer performance management into your professional career (either now or in the future)?

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