Racial discrimination, racial socialization, and crime discussion

Read the syllabus carefully for this assignment. You are to review a published article from a peer-reviewed social science journal. This may take time to find the right article. Make sure that the article was published in a reputable professional journal that has a review panel for evaluating content and substance. Make sure that the article you choose was published in the last ten years (2001 – present) and that it has a clear research methodology (either subjective or objective measures). Usually, the best way to tell if the article meets the criteria for having a clear research design is by examining the ‘headings’ of the publication. If it has an Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, and Implications/Conclusions, then you can be fairly certain that it meets the criteria. Also, a clear research hypothesis is usually present with research questions. If you are uncertain, attach an article to an e-mail and I will review it to see if it meets the criteria as well. The goal of this assignment is for you to gain a better understanding of how research is conducted and published for scholarly review. Make sure that you pay specific attention to the paragraph by paragraph expectation I have outlined in the syllabus. Also, you must pay specific attention to two components of the study you choose to review: The Methodology and Results! Talk clearly about the methodology in relation to the chapters in your textbook. The expectation is a 3 – 6 page Article Critique, double-spaced, in 10 or 12 font. It will be graded on components outlined in the Syllabus as well as clarity of understanding and communicating the processes of the research design and outcomes.

SPECIFIC CRITERIA: Must be original research, with a clearly defined population. It MUST have the following:

1. Introduction; 2. Literature Review; 3. Clearly defined Research Design with a clear N=; 4. Clearly detailed Results; 5. Conclusions/Implications/Recommendations; 6. MOST IMPORTANT…YOUR CRITIQUE OF THE STUDY!!!


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