PSY257 SNHU Module 4 Gap Identification Research Worksheet Help

Here is an example of what it should look like. Please complete a research Gap and research question for the 5 articles I have attached the title of all of them I also attached an example of the assignment as well as the criteria guidelines.

Article One

Gap Identification

As I reviewed article one and the purpose of this article which is to inform the audience of the difference in social skills between normally developing babies and those with delays. I would of liked to see more research with the teachers and the child. I feel that the same way that parent- child emotion and social skills are researched I feelthat same should have been done with the teacher and the child. I feel thatthe social skills in relation to the cognitive abilities was underdeveloped especially when a child is inschool under a teachers care. When it comes to children with developmental delays all many important aspects was explored specifically because they used mixed methods to gather data.

Research Question

How does a child with developmental delays react to educators in a high stress moment? And what techniques does the educators useto help the child?

An example is first as a teacher they all have to be aware of certain common developmental delays such as Global Developmental Delay(Calderwood). A Global Developmental Delay is ranged from infant to eighteen and has a wide range of disorders such as autism, down syndrome and more. It is know that many delays occur in different areas of development(Geenspan MD). With practice and perseverance, you can reduce the potential negative effects and these common delays on the growth and development of young children (Greenspan MD).

Article Two

Gap Identification


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