Project Proposal on VR for tourism

Research paper on VR for tourism

During past decade digital design media have disrupted how we represent, design, collaborate, construct, and management our lives/environments. I want to do the research and start develop the virtual reality technology for tourism. Please base on this idea and following aspects to write for the independent project proposal.

  1. Describe your topic as an elevator pitch. Make a diagram (storyboard) to show how it works.
  2. Explain your understanding of how this technology works in simpler terms other non-specialists can understand.
  3. Ground all your arguments in literature and facts.
  4. Sketch your process from start to finish. Emulate your process from start to finish (almost like a storyboard). From this identify tools/techniques you need to get from one state to the next. This should be informed by the tutorials/techniques you researched.
  5. Provide a timeline. Goals for each week. (6 weeks total)

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