Principles Of Corrections cases

A minimum of 1,300 words required for the total assignment and there must be three scholarly sources. The references does not count towards word count!

1. Case Summary

In a narrative format, explain how an offender is processed through each stage of the criminal justice system.

2. Case Analysis

How effective have America’s “Get Tough on Crime” initiatives been on reducing crime?

3. Case Analysis

Do you believe our corrections system is effective in rehabilitating offenders?

4. Case Analysis

Do you feel that mandatory minimum sentences have a positive impact on reducing crime in the US? Why/ Why not?

5. Executive Decisions

If you were a member of the legislature, how would you go about proposing legislation to abolish mandatory minimum sentencing practices?

6. Case Summary

In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented.

7. Case Analysis

What, if anything, would be wrong with punishing thieves simply by having them return whatever they have stolen.

8. Case Analysis

Define Deterrence and then explain the difference between general and specific deterrence.

9. Case Analysis

Three-Strikes Laws have been the source of continued controversy, In your opinion, should they be abolished? Explain your reasoning.

10. Executive Decisions

Assume that you are a Senator within your home state in which determinate sentencing is currently being practiced; however, you have introduced a bill to switch to indeterminate sentencing. What are some of the strengths of indeterminate sentencing that you could use to persuade your fellow senators?

Part II

A minimum of 250 words and two scholarly sources are required for the main post. The schoarly sources does not count towards the word count.

Chapter 4 of the textbook has sections on diversion and probation. The “Statement on Probation” in Exhibit 4-3 specifically discusses the rights of all parties. Using your textbook and the required research, answer these questions. Do you feel as though the rights of victims and society to be protected from harm are considered fairly and equally before a prosecutor and judge agree to a deal for an offender to be sentenced to diversion or probation? What about offender rights; are the rights of the offender and/or the urgency to move cases through the court process given too much weight?


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