Nike chose to implement i2’s demand forecasting and supply chain management software ($40 million) along with CRM and ERP from SAP ($360 million).The demand planning system and supply chain management software was implemented first. The problems began with the factory orders, and then the glitch moved through the product delivery system.
April 21, 2018
Allied Health Community
April 21, 2018

It is now time for you to develop your public health campaign message (PRESCRIPTION DRUG OVERDOSE). A message is the appeal that you are trying to make to the public. There are several types of approach to message development including: rational appeal, emotional appeal, threat appeal, positive emotional appeal, and humorous appeal. Whatever appeal you choose, it must match the media outlets you will use to disseminate your message and be appropriate for your targeted audience. (YOUNG ADULTS)

Before you begin, analyze the images for cultural bias, irrelevant messages, stereotyping, and appropriate text for various reading levels. Keep these thoughts in mind as you begin developing your Public Heath Campaign Message.

Your message should include a description of the target audience, the preferred action or desired behavior change the audience should consider, and how this action will benefit them. Your message should integrate culturally relevant materials and appropriate text for various reading levels, and should also be captivating in order to stimulate your audience to want to change their current behavior as a result of the message.

But when delivering a campaign, the credibility of the personnel is very important.


What’s your message?

What type of appeal did you use?

Why did you choose this type of appeal?

How has your messaging integrated cultural relevance with your public health campaign message?

Give credibility to personne


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