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I choose 3 different types of court to observe:
1- Supreme Court.
2- Court of Appeals.
3- Marion County Circuit Court.

you will need to write a 7 page paper that compares and contrasts the different courts you observed and summarize your overall learning experience. You can also include comparisons between the US court system and the saudi arabia in court system.

Research paper discusses the difference between the courts in the United States and Saudi Arabia in terms of the judge and how he is appointed and how old and when he is retired and types of courts in the United States and in Saudi Arabia as well as the jury in the US courts and why there is no jury in Saudi Arabia as well as in Saudi Arabia The judge is aware of the case and its details before the hearing other than the judge in the United States does not have case information before the hearing??

– I attached a file containing important information in the search paper.
– 100% NO Plagiarism.

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