Power Point Presentation

Recruitment Plan

Assignment Introduction

As the new Vice President for Enrollment Management at a medium-sized four-year college, you have received a rare opportunity. The Board of Trustees has asked you to prepare a new recruitment plan for the institution and has given you $20 million dollars to be used for scholarships over the next five years. Following long discussions and meetings with both the Board and the President, you have the opportunity to weigh in on how the institution should use the money — to increase scholarships based on need or to increase scholarships based on merit. The Board would like you to present your recommended plan at its next meeting. In addition, the President has asked you to ensure that your plan be appropriate for your institution.

Assignment Directions

You will be using a Google Slides template to complete your presentation. The directions for this Assignment are provided within the Google Slides template and you may start building your presentation now.

In preparing your plan, remember to base your plan on the knowledge you gained in your readings this week.

Include the following elements in your presentation:

Institution Plan and Goals

  • What is the mission of your institution and what are your institution’s goals?
  • What is your institution trying to accomplish?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How can your recruitment plan help your institution meet its goals?
  • How can your recruitment plan support your institution’s mission?


  • What are the demographics of your institution?
  • Who are your students now?
  • From where do they come?
  • What are their unique characteristics?
  • What does your typical freshman class look like?
  • What one or two areas are you seeking to change in terms of your freshman class profile?

Outline of the Plan

  • How will you recruit to make your one or two changes in your class profile?
  • How will you intentionally use the significant financial aid resources that the board has given you?
  • Would you use the funds to increase need-based aid or merit-based aid? Why?
  • How will your decision in this area support your recruitment plan?
  • To which specific information or resources will you request access?
  • How will you use the significant additional resources that are already devoted to your office?
  • What kinds of recruitment methods would you use to meet your goals?

Your plan will need to be presented to both internal and external stakeholders, so you should ensure that your plan is ready for such a presentation.


Follow the most current APA style guidelines for citations and references.

Based upon your Reading, cite your references for merit-based aid versus need-based aid to justify your decision.


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