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Information Technology Power point
Field: Information Systems
Posted: 26 minutes ago
Due: 26/03/2018
Budget:  $15
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Information technology (IT) professionals often find themselves in the position of training others on technology. For this exercise, verbally explaining the concepts will serve you well in that trying to explain something is a great way to learn. For this activity, you will develop a presentation suitable for use in training individuals with no experience in computer networking. You will need to create a short presentation, 5-7 slides, that describe some very important networking concepts. You will include some brief verbal descriptions, using the recording feature in PowerPoint, for each slide. You should also include more detailed descriptions regarding the concepts on each slide.
In this scenario, you are a subject matter expert (SME) in networking. You have been hired under contract by XYZ Corporation to prepare an introductory training module for new members of its networking staff. This presentation will aid the new staff as they prepare to take a CompTIA Network+ Exam. A particular weakness shown in pretesting reveals the team has difficulty associating functions and devices with the OSI reference model or the related TCP/IP model. Your training presentation will prepare them in the basics of network protocols (OSI and TCP/IP), explain how OSI and TCP/IP layers are related, and provide example networking protocols/concepts as they relate to OSI layers, such as the Transport Control Protocol (TCP) relates to the transport layer in the OSI reference model.
Include in your PowerPoint presentation a description of functionality for each of the layers of the OSI Reference Model. Compare and contrast TCP/IP layers with OSI layers. Finally, relate the various terms to the appropriate OSI layer. Explain the concepts using your own voice.
Slide 1: Title page
Slide 2: Describe the purpose and function for each of the OSI Reference Model layers.
Slides 3-4: Compare and contrast the TCP/IP layers with OSI layers.
Slide 5: Provide a TCP/IP protocol or network device that would relate to each layer in the OSI reference model.  Include the purpose or function of your example. For instance, a switch would be a network device used for connecting devices to a network at the OSI-RM data link layer. Examples must be provided for every layer in the OSI-RM.
Slide 6: References in APA format

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