POPF P8640 COLUMBIA Program Evaluation Logic Model & Process Evaluation

P8640 Methods in Program Evaluation

Take Home Assignment 1

Part 1: Logic Model

Considering your chosen program case study “CONNECTIONS TO CARE” (C2C), develop a 1-page logic model, using the template below.

Part 2: Process Evaluation

Considering your chosen program case study “CONNECTIONS TO CARE” (C2C), respond to the following questions:

Part 2 can be a maximum of 2 pages.

1.) Based on the activities/processes identified in your logic model, in your own words, provide a definition for a) Dose delivered; b) Dose received; c) Reach and d) Fidelity, related to these program activities. Make sure you identify the activities you are referring to.

2.) In the chart below, list 4-6 process evaluation questions that could be asked about the program. Determine what indicators you will use to answer your questions and where this information can be found. Be specific about your primary or secondary data sources, including whether they are qualitative or quantitative, and how the data have been/will be collected. Determine who is best positioned to support data collection and what timeline is feasible.

Part 2: Assumptions annex:

If you encounter additional ‘unknowns’ as you develop the log frame, process evaluation, or final evaluation proposal, make and state your assumptions in an annex. Assumptions can address inputs, activities, or other aspects of the case study. The annex can be a maximum of 1 page. Bulleted statements of assumptions are adequate.


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