Police Ethics Racial Discrimination In Criminal Justice Law Discssion

Law Enforcement Ethics- Use of Force, Racial Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, the

LGBTQ community, Corruption, Dealing with mental illness

Research Paper- 

Use correctly formatted APA Citations and References- if citations/reference are missing or incorrect, you will receive a significantly lower grade. I encourage you to also go to the writing center if it is available to you. I strongly suggest that you get started early and that you do not procrastinate since the assignment is worth a large chunk of your grade. For guidelines and directions for the paper, please see BBLearn. Note that you will not be penalized for going over the 8 page limit.

Your research paper must be in 12pt font, 1-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced, using correct APA citations. Emailed papers will NOT be accepted. Students are required to use a word processor (preferably Microsoft Word, which the university provides for free) that is compatible with BBLearn.

Google Scholar is a great preliminary resource and can point you in the right direction. Government websites are good supplementary sources as well.


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