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please read and answer the questions:

Turnpike Trooper, Ch 6; Cabrini-Green, Chs 5 & 6

Turnpike Trooper

According to Hogan, he pulled over two guys. What happened?

Registered vehicles from which state were a sign to Hogan that bad stuff was in the car?


-Dolores and Hubert. Some big changes there. What happened?

-What happened to Mayor Daley?

-Who is Jane Byrne?

-Parolees and Cabrini Green: what’s the problems discussed regarding this issue?

-Byrne does something interesting for a few weeks. What was that? How did it go?

-Who was Charles Swibel? What happened to him?

-Who is Annie Ricks?

Turnpike TrooperIn chapter 3,

– Hogan focuses on this aspect of his NJSP (Trooper) career.

– Explain this endeavor. How long does it takes, where does it take place?

– What is building #26?

– Because of the intense effort of the experience, they actually received an academic aspect to their training. What did that result in them receiving?

– With his friend and roommate Rufus Hay, Hogan had to perform a certain physical exercise that left him battered. What was that?

– “Taking the Stand” referred to what?

– Learning to use one particular instrument was a real challenge for Hogan, as he had very little prior experience with it. What instrument?

– Why is number 5068 relevant? What’s it mean to Hogan?


– Why wasn’t metal used often on exteriors. It gave off a certain impression. Why was that a problem?

– What did federal law say about changing the racial makeup of public housing community?

– What other issues regarding race and public housing in Chicago were discussed?

– What’s going on with Dolores Wilson in this chapter?

– List a few things you remember about Mayor Daley from this chapter.


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