paper and multiple choice

Answer question 1-4 separately. Multiple choice questions attached.

1) Pick a major airline of your most interest. Please provide a summary of this airline such as: history, headquarter, management structure, organization, hubs, business markets, fleets, business strategy and other basic facts.The total length should be less than 5 pages.

2) Explain the concepts of ASM, RPM, RASM, profit, load factor, yield and briefly discuss the importance of these economics indices in measuring airlines’ performance.

3) For the airline you choose in the first question, find its economics performance data (such as ASM, RPM, RASM, profit) in recent years and if possible, provide a graphical history profile to capture the changes of these indices for this airline or the whole airline industry. You can use data from any source such as internet, newspapers, magazines and reports.

4) Based on the framework of the “Five Forces” in the airline business introduced in the classes, pick a low cost carrier of your interest, and describe how this airline’s business strength from these five aspects: demand, supply, competition with other carriers, competition with other travel modes, and internal management. The total length of the paper should be less than 5 pages.


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