Organizational Culture and Growth discussion

Readings:Read case “Leading Change at Simmons (A)by Casciaro, Edmondson, McManus, and Roloff

Read article “What Is an Organization’s Culture” by Christensen and Shu

To access readings use this link:

I will provide login info in private messages

Note: I will look for evidence of the readings in your written portion of this assignment so do not attempt to short cut the readings as lack of such evidence will affect your grade.

Writing Portion: Use the article to analyze the culture at Simmons and contemplate what cultural obstacles might be encountered in the process of change.

Length and Quality: Minimum of 3 pages, double spaced, 12 point New Roman font. APA format. In text citation and refrence page

Grading: Writing skills AND the quality of your analysis of the case are graded in this assignment


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