MRKT1001 POM Wonderful The Best Movie Ever Sold

1. Watch “POM Wonderful, the best movie ever sold” created by Morgan Spurlock – it can easily be rented through the major streaming services (or probably found illegally through the fun sites you all know about).

2. Then Watch the TED Talks interview with Morgan Spurlock:

3. Select one of these products in the movie:


Jet Blue

Amy’s frozen pizza


Mane & Tail

POM Wonderful





4. Answer the following:

1. How does your chosen company benefit from product placement, marketing and advertising within this movie? Explain and refer back to the placement received within the film.

2. In your opinion, is being involved with a movie like this one beneficial to the company? Explain your answer.

3. In your opinion, Is there truth in Advertising – thoroughly explain your answer?


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