Module 2.2 Delta Airlines Case Industry Analysis Assignment Part 1

Module 2.2: Delta Airlines (A) case analysis assignment – Part 1

Read the “Delta Air Lines (A)” case in your HBSP course-pack.

Answer the questions listed below. Submit your answers in a double-spaced Word document, clearly separating out each question and answer.

  1. Why have most airline firms not been able to achieve profitability? (Hint: Do an industry analysis to show how industry structure has impacted profitability in the airline industry).
  2. Why did the major legacy airlines like Delta and Continental not do well but low-cost airlines like Southwest and JetBlue did well in the same industry environment? (Hint – How did differences in the strategies and value chain activities of legacy airlines and low-cost airlines contribute to differences in competitive advantage and performance?).
  3. Why have legacy airlines not been able to imitate the success of their low-cost competitors? Even when legacy airlines like Delta launched low-cost subsidiaries like Delta Express, such strategies have failed. Why?
  4. Mark Balloun’s team at Delta is considering four strategic options (these are listed in the case). Which option would be the most effective strategy for Delta? Justify your answer.

– Do not use external sources.

– Use these sources only.


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