MGT 380 Management on Comprehensive Alliances Research Paper

TOPIC: Comprehensive Alliances

The Research Paper will be on an International Management and Business topic that is very important to the culture, climate and operational needs within the International activity. The paper must use APA style (AN EXAMPLE OF APA FORMATTING WILL BE PROVIDED) and have a minimum of 12 pages (full page text from top to bottom margin – these pages are in addition to the Cover page, Table of Contents page, Abstract page, Reference page and Appendix page) with a minimum of 10 references in the reference page ONLY USING NEXIS UNI DATABASE. Please review the Research paper rubric which will be provided in the Document Sharing files.

Attached is the style, format and instructions, APA format, and an example of the paper that professor provided to what he is looking for in a paper style. Grading rubic will be attached as well


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