Maze Navigation Program With Jova Programming Help

Maze Navigation program

Your program will navigate a maze. The path from the start to the destination (if possible) will be stored in a stack. The maze will be an N x N matrix containing 0’s (path) and 1’s (wall). Given a starting coordinate, the program can only move vertically or horizontally, not diagonally, along a path. When the destination coordinate is encountered, stop the movement and print the pathway coordinates through the maze. If the destination is not encountered, print a statement to that effect.

Two test files are attached, one with a successful path, maze1.txt and one without, maze2.txt. The files have the following format:

Line 1 contains N, the number of rows and columns in the maze,

Line 2 contains the row and column of the starting point,

Line 3 contains the row and column of the destination point,

Remaining lines contain the maze, one row per line.


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