April 13, 2018
Cyber Security and Risk Management
April 13, 2018

(1) Given a data set that contains both qualitative data and quantitative data, describe an appropriate way to analyze this type of data.

(2) In an experiment, a fixed amount of fertilizer was applied to each of 10 plots, and the corresponding yield in pounds of corn was measured. Identify the independent and dependent variables in this experiment.

(3) Briefly discuss the three combinations of variable types that can form bivariate data.

(4) When the bivariate data are the result of two quantitative variables, it is customary to express the data mathematically as ordered pairs (x, y). What do the variables x and y represent?

(5) Determine the number of ways that two letters can be selected from {A, B, C, D} if order in the sample is not to be considered. List the possible samples.

(6) How many samples of size 5 are possible when selecting from a set of 10 distinct integers if the sampling is done with replacement?


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