Marijuana Use and Cognitive Processes Paper…

please see the link above, it is a news article and write about how its content (i.e., specific subject matter, arguments, claims, summaries of research, conclusions, etc.) pertains to material we’ve discussed in our course. Feel free to also include a discussion of any issues you found with the article (e.g., regarding how it presented psychological material we may have discussed in class, any counterarguments you might have, things you wished the article had explored or mentioned).

these are the material I have taken and i want you to relate to (i.e., within the subfields of learning, memory, sensation/perception, research methods, intelligence and so o

For instance, if I were writing about a news article on a new policy in education designed to improve kids’ scores or graduation rates, I could talk about how that suggested policy relates — specifically — to certain types of learning (e.g., classical conditioning) and/or developmental ability (per what we’ll talk about in human development) and/or the influence of culture and/or features of intelligence and so forth


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