LR Mini Case # 6


LR Mini Case # 6
Field: Business Finance – Management
Posted: 9 hours ago
Due: 26/03/2018
Budget:  $5
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A Quesrion of Freedom:  ” I can see arguments both for and against right-towork laws” says a fellow student in your class.  “but there is one overriding reason why I’m on balance against these laws.  And it involves the question of freedom.
“specifically, it relates to freedom of contract, a basic and critical right in this land of free enterprise and individualism in which we live.  A union shop can only come about in a one way: the union- for whatever reason- has ask for such an arrangement in the collective bargaining with the management, and the management again, on whatever it considers to be good groumds- has agreed to grant the union shop.  This being the case, what right does the government have to intrude tell the two parties.  “that’s too bad- you still can’t have it?”

Your response should be between 300-500 words, 12 pt. font, double spaced, 1″ margins.


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