Within the Discussion Board  area, write 600–800 words that respond to the following questions with  your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for  future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use  examples to reinforce your ideas.
April 8, 2018
This is a group course work and I have to do those 3 sections myself out of many sections The first two section is about (Risks within the supply chain, and distribution) for both Primark and Next Plc. The third section is bout Next demand (do not write about Primark in this section) and at the end my work will be added to the group work. So there is no need for a long general introduction and a long conclusion. Just stick to point immediately with maybe 100 word of introduction for each section. And the same for a conclusion. Not* (each section have to be in a separate word document with its references) Not*(use articles as references) and Harvard referencing style
April 8, 2018

What was day to day life like for a Puritan? What laws did they follow? What was forbidden? Explain in a short presentation. Upload a PowerPoint or Open Office Impress presentation that contains at least ten slides, citations and a works cited slide. Remember presentations without a work cited slide will not be given credit.


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