literature review

Task: In the Literature Review, you must synthesize at four sources. Two of these sources may come from class readings, and two must be sources that you located in your independent research. One of your four sources must be a primary source. Your literature review should include: an introduction that establishes your topic, defines your key words, and offers a claim of value about why this is a topic that should matter to readers; a body where you use secondary sources to analyze a primary source; a conclusion that states and explains the larger question that will guide your research paper. Evaluation criteria: Establish a topic, key words, a research question, and a claim of value Demonstrate an understanding of the sources’ arguments, claims, and evidence Use of synthesis, making connections between sources, and stating and explaining the larger question that will guide your research paper Include direct quotation Include Naysayer Include properly formatted MLA in-text citations and Works Cited Page

My topic is biking culture in china (once called kingdom of bicycle) and the reason why bicycles have vanished. the following document is a brief intro that i worked might give a in sight about what i am working on. The paper is suppose to be 5 pages (intro 1, primary 1, secondary sources 3 and a conclusion 1)


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