Linguistic imperialism alive Article Summary and Items of Vocabulary

From this article :…

1. Identify 10 items of vocabulary (individual words or phrases) in the text which you

think might be useful to learn. Highlight them.

2. Write definitions of these words/phrases in your own words. You may use a

dictionary to find the meanings, but then write your own definition.

3. For each word, write one example sentence which uses the word. The example

sentences must not be from the dictionary, they must be relevant to you.


Migrant (noun): Somebody who moves from their country to another country to live

there permanently.

Example sentence: I am not a migrant because I plan to return to my own country

when I have finished my studies in the UK.

No marks will be given for definitions or examples copied from a dictionary.

PART TWO (50 marks)

Write a short essay which both summarises the article and discusses the

significance of its content (approximately 600 words). You will need to use some of

the vocabulary from the article but you must make sure you do not plagiarise. The

essay must be in your own words.

You must submit a copy of the article with the assignment.

Your essay will be marked according to the following criteria:

1. Language use, accurate use of vocabulary, appropriate style of expression,

clarity of expression.

2. Content: accurate summary of article, relevance of discussion, originality,


3. Structure: logic, organisation, coherence


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